MPAT - The customer focused, realsitically priced PAT testing service for: Sussex, Kent, Surrey, London, Hampshire and Dorset

MPAT was created by Mark to provide the best PAT testing service to our customers at realistic prices.

With businesses of all sizes and industries becoming evermore technical, MPAT offers you a service where you can quickly and efficiently comply with current regulations, meet insurance requirements and satisfy HSE duty of care for your electrical appliance safety.

In deciding the ethos for MPAT, Mark moved away from the business model most PAT testing companies operate where they will happily charge you every year for every appliance to be tested, even when it may be not required. At MPAT we work with you and assess what needs to be tested and when, through understanding your compliance requirements and all the regulations in our Regulations page. All included in our realistic and competitively priced PAT testing service.

MPAT PAT test 110v, 16amp, 32amp and 3 phase equipment

MPAT is dynamic and proud of it's focus to providing uncompromising customer service - we are here to help you keep your business/organisation, employees and other visitors safe, and providing you with the confidence that all your portable equipment is compliant and has passed to the current regulations and standards.

Some of the ways we achieve our excellent customer service is through honest and regular communication, punctual attendance and being flexible to fit around your business requirements, whether that means testing morning, noon or night - keeping your business running is key to yours and our success! We also offer highly competitive pricing and a superb referral scheme which could see your next testing reduced, or that value donated to a charity of your choosing under your name.

MPAT are happy to enter tenders for your PAT testing so to receive a free quote please contact us

MPAT's Inspection and Testing

MPAT offers a comprehensive inspection and testing service for all your portable appliances at industry leading low prices.

The visual inspection is to see if there is any damage to the plugs, cable and appliance.

  • The plugs are checked for damage and safety, then will be taken apart (where not moulded) checking it's wiring condition and is correctly fixed
  • Correct fuse rating is checked
  • The cable is assessed for any damage to the surrounding insulation
  • The appliance is inspected for any damage that could cause risk to safety

As you are now a MPAT valued customer any fuse changes whilst testing will be completed for FREE.

On successful completion of the visual checks we will conduct an electrical test using our calibrated testing equipment, ensuring your appliances, when passed meet the current industry standards.

  • When passed we will apply a passed sticker, uniquely numbered linking to your inspection and testing report
  • If an appliance fails and we cannot pass with remedial work we apply a failed sticker, uniquely numbered linking to your inspection and testing report. The items will either be left where they are or in a location of your choosing.
  • On completion, (within 24hrs) we will send you your MPAT inspection and testing report, where possible we like to send you this report as an excel file (saves trees!). However we will happily send a hard copy if required.

MPAT will also contact you in advance of your anniversary or next testing schedule to arrange retesting to fit with your business requirements.

If you require any further technical information please contact us:
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t - 01444 702034 - ask for technical support
c - Contact us

MPAT - PAT testing locations:

Based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, our geographical area for PAT testing currently covers: West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, London, Dorset and Hampshire; however this is rapidly growing so please contact us if you are outside the areas mentioned.

With over 10 years of expert testing, our competent, qualified and insured PAT testers will supply you with a professional and flexible service, that provides you with the cost effective way to keep your business safe. All our testers are qualified, competent, DBS checked and insured - additionally they are trained to provide the customer service expected by our MPAT valued customers.

We cater for all volumes of testing from one single item to multi-thousands and whether your busy Multi-national company/Office/School/Dental practice/Sign writer/DJ/Construction company/national retailer etc. - We are here to help you keep your business safe

If you would like MPAT to tender for your PAT testing or to receive a free quote please contact us on:

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t - 01444 702034
c - Contact us

Health and Safety myths explained

You can read the various health and safety myths on the link - there are some that are just crazy, some funny, even some relating to PAT testing.

We will explain how MPAT helps you to not get caught in these myths through honest, reliable, excellent customer service; this approach with our low (highly competitive) prices means your PAT testing will now cost you less.

At MPAT we are all highly trained, competent, insured and qualified. This enables us to identify all of your portable appliances, identify the classification of equipment, identify your business industry and identify the risk exposure of the portable appliance. This is then measured against the 'Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment' table for frequency of formal visual inspection and combined inspection and testing.

Once all the above information is gathered, each portable appliance you have will been recorded on our MPAT inspection report which will self generate a schedule for each appliance's next testing. This could result in a great cost saving if not every appliance needs to be tested on every PAT test visit.

This information is held by both you and us so we can easily set a diary visit for the next PAT testing, saving you time and effort.