MPAT portable appliance testing is a Sussex based company that will keep you within all the regulations, compliant and most importantly safe. We achieve this with our competent, qualified, DBS checked and fully insured inspection and testers. At the end of every inspection and testing we will provide you with a report (hard or soft copy) of every item tested; and being that you are now a valued customer of MPAT, we will replace fuses/plugs on failed items, then retest for FREE. Where it's not possible to repair an item, we will leave items as agreed at the beginning of the testing for your convenience. Please visit the links above for further information on MPAT and our service.
Safety is something we should not take for granted; in our evermore technical and busy business/organisations we are introducing more portable electrical equipment into the workplace; be that the business essential computers (not for Facebook, unless you are liking our page!), the kettle to keep everyone refreshed or any electrical tools of your trade. With this in mind, now more than ever there is the possibility for something to go wrong. In serious cases this is far worse than the kettle not working! MPAT will help you keep all your portable electrical appliances safe and compliant with our excellent PAT testing service.

MPAT will also contact you in advance of your anniversary or next testing schedule to arrange retesting to fit with your business requirements.

If you require any further technical information please contact us:
e -
t - 01444 702034 - as for technical support
c - Contact us

Additional benefits of being a MPAT valued customer:

We will remember your PAT testing anniversary and arrange retesting to keep you compliant and safe at all times.

If however you or your highly diligent staff members become unsure of a device during the year, for a small fee we will assess the item separately outside of your schedule for you.

We will also work with you to only test what is required per visit, subject to your regulatory requirements, saving you money. By assessing your business type, the type of portable electrical equipment and usage of electrical equipment, you will probably not need the 'blanket test everything approach', which many PAT testing companies use, which means we can provide low cost PAT testing to you. Follow link for more about our service.

Referrals - Please refer us. If you complete the contact us form and include your details or send the details through LinkedIn. There will be a discount on your the next inspection and testing. This can either be deducted from your bill or we can donate the discounted amount to a charity of your choice in your name.