PAT Testing Schools West Sussex

PAT Testing Schools West Sussex

PAT Testing Schools West Sussex

Do you work in a school or college in West Sussex or the surrounding area? Do you know when you last had your equipment PAT tested? Was it probably more than 12 months ago? If the answer is yes, then your electrical equipment could be a danger to your students. 

Just consider for a moment how many new electrical appliances you purchase in a year for use in your school. If just one of these is not tested and is not compliant, you are risking an electrical fire in the school building and electrocution of staff or students.

It is highly important that your electrical appliances are PAT tested to be compliant with ISO9000 and CHAS to make sure they are safe for use by everyone in the building.

How we work

MPAT will come into your school and check every appliance in every room on your school site, ensuring all appliances are compliant, from projectors and electronic white boards to kettles and toasters in the staff room.

Worried about disturbing staff and students in their daily routines or having a negative impact on learning? MPAT understands these concerns and will always only come in with the upmost discretion, having confirmed beforehand with senior staff which appliances in which rooms need testing. 

We work on a number of sites where sensitivity is highly important including care homes and hospitals, so are very practices at working in environments where we are required to be seen and not heard

Don't work in a school? Don't worry!

MPAT offers portable appliance testing for a number of different industries to ensure that your company is compliant with the approriate standards from the awarding bodies, including:

Small local businesses - we work with businesses in the local area to ensure their appliances are fully compliant with ISO9000 and CHAS.
Charity trustees - we have done a number of projects with charities that are in need of getting their electical items PAT tested.
Leisure - leisure centres and gyms have a large amount of electrical items that require annual PAT testing.
Construction - we keep construction sites, offices, and any other buildings PAT tested to the required standards.