Testing in a Secure Health Unit

Testing in a Secure Health Unit

Medium secure mental health unit regulated by the Care Quality Commission, 300+ staff members and patients.


  • DBS requirement
  • Collaborative approach in determining schedule, access and testing time
  • Working with vulnerable people
  • Schedule of work, tools list, £10m liability insurances
  • Multisite

MPAT undertakes PAT testing for all sizes of organisation and industry.

This was a unique testing as, due to the nature of the building and patients, we were required to be escorted as all times. To ensure that we could create a testing schedule that worked for everyone MPAT met with and liaised with the in-house teams to decide on the best plan for their escort and facilities teams to formulate and overall work schedule plan.

We successfully completed the testing to schedule and through the planning worked effectively with the in-house facilities and security teams. On completion MPAT were asked to complete testing at one of their other units, again this approach was successful and we are now in discussion for the testing of three more units.

For this particular job we needed to be DBS approved, qualified and insured to £10m. All MPAT testers fulfil these criteria, as we have numerous customers who have these prerequisites, and we are happy to provide the information prior to commencement of your job.