Testing for European Headquarters

Testing for European Headquarters

European Headquarters for a medical supply company. 200+ staff members


  • Collaborative approach in determining schedule, access and testing time
  • Evening and night testing to minimise impact on productivity
  • Planned testing
  • Multisite
  • Premises alarming

As this company works across Europe and multiple time zones, completing the testing at the right time of the day were imperative for them to remain as productive as possible – we meet with them, assessing their building and 200+ person layout discussing each areas need for computer access and working times. On completion and through discussion with the client we agreed that evening and night testing would be the best way forward to complete the testing with minimal impact to the company’s productivity.

Through our efficient, structured and planned approach the testing went to schedule and was all completed outside of their core operational hours. Additionally we were responsible for checking alarming the building on completion of each night. This success and approach continued with the same success at their UK distribution centre.