High Volume Testing

High Volume Testing

DJ needing her sound, mixing, computer and speaker equipment tested, 1 person.


  • Minimal items to be tested
  • Testing to tight schedule for wedding event
  • Same customer service provided

We PAT test for all sizes of customer not just large high volume customers but also but also those who have only a few items, a small office or shop (Florists, Hair Dressers, Pharmacist to name a few!), a band who requires their items tested for a gig or in this case a DJ needing her equipments tested and inspected for a wedding.

This was a job where she needed her equipment tested within a fairly tight timeframe; we arranged the testing timescale and all was booked in, however due to unforeseen circumstances on behalf of the customer she needed to reschedule the testing. Whilst we like to operate to a firm time schedule for both parties, situations do arise and we value all of our customers, so we rearranged a new date and successfully completed her testing in time for the wedding gig.