MPAT's Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions - If you don't find the answer you are looking for please contact us on email, tel 01444 702034 or send us your question in contact page

Questions and Answers:

Q: Will PAT testing be disruptive to my day to day business activities?
A: PAT testing is a quick but thorough procedure. Our team can work around your busy orginisation during office hours with minimal disruption. However we will need to unplug the portable appliance whilst testing and if this will create problems we will happily arrange for testing outside of your core hours

Q: Day time disruption will damage my productivity, can you complete testing overnight/evenings/early?
A: Yes we can, please contact us, email or call 01444 702034 and we will arrange a testing schedule to fit around your needs

Q: Can you test only a few items, is there a minimum number of tests?
A: There is no minimum number of tests and we will accommodate any number from 1 test up to multi-thousands or greater

Q: What is PAT testing?
A: PAT testing is an examination (Inspection and test) of portable electrical appliances - to ensure they are safe for day to day use and will keep your business and anyone who uses the equipment safe

Q: What is a Portable appliance?
A: It is items less than 18kg's that are intended for easy movement, kettle, computer, drills etc. however 'portable appliance' is an accepted generic term which covers a wider spectrum of items included in the Code of Practice, other items covered are: Movable equipment, stationary equipment, hand held equipment, built in equipment, IT equipment, extension leads (RCD leads, multiway adaptors, RCD adaptors), equipment with high protective conductor currents and serge protective devices. For more information please contact us

Q: How long does testing take?
A: It will depend on the quantity of items to be tested within your business or private lettings premises. We will provide an effective solution to meet your deadlines, be that during the lunch break or completing by 08:00am, what ever is needed to keep you operating

Q: How often do I need PAT testing?
A: Usually its yearly to satisfy risk assessments and insurance requirements; however high risk items such as corded drills on a site could be every 6 months and lower risk items like a printer could be every 2 years, depending on the type of industry you are operating in. Contact us for more information and we will create a plan for your testing needs

Q: What happens to failed items?
A: If we are unable to fix the item (new plug/fuse), we label the item as failed with a red failed, do not use label; the item will need to be taken out of service (plug can be cut off if this approach is agreed in advance) and the main point of contact will be informed for a new item to be sources/purchased. As part of our customer services we will also leave all failed items where you require, be that in the room where tested or reception. In addition to the master risk report of all items tested, you will also receive a report of all failed items so these can be clearly identified

Q: Can MPAT provide a rolling contract that will remind us when testing is due?
A: Yes, we want to provide you with the best customer service and will happily take the pain out of you having to remember. We will arrange a date for retesting approx. one month before it's due based on the schedule required for your compliance